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Our Team

Laurie Thom

Licensed Massage Therapist

I know pain. I have struggled with chronic pain for over 29 years of my life. I fought through all the stages that chronic pain brings and have come to the other side. Getting regular therapeutic massages saved me. I can empathize with my clients and truly understand what they are telling me about their pain.

I want other pain sufferers to know what it feels like to have less pain and to reap the benefits of massage. I have helped many clients realize a life with less pain or ailments that do not challenge them any longer, because they get regular therapeutic massage. When I preform body work, I listen to the body and target what it needs; even when the client cannot explain it. Sometimes it is easier to let the body explain what the mind cannot.

Besides helping others ease their pain, I want to leave this world a better place, and helping someone feel better from the inside out makes for a healthier person, a healthier family, healthier community, and a better world.

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