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Classic Aveda Massage

Dive into an aromatherapy journey with essential oils of your choosing. Then, relax while our massage therapist works away stress from the body, mind, and soul with this classic, Swedish-style massage. Re-emerge relaxed, rested, and rejuvenated.

60 Minute - $99

90 Minute - $130

120 Minute - $160

Chakra Massage

An innovative spa ritual steeped in the tradition of Ayurveda, the ancient healing art of India, merges massage and guided meditation with our Chakra Balancing Blend of aromas to open and balance the chakras.

60 Minute - $115

90 Minute - $163

120 Minute - $210

Hot Stone Massage 

This ancient massage has been around for over 5,000 years. Hot Stones are used to massage the muscles to softness. The warmth and pressure are used to further relaxation, reduce and prevent knots. It helps support the overall health of the systems of the body. This is best for a client seeking relaxation, similar to Himalayan Salt Stones. 

60 Minute - $115

90 Minute - $163

120 Minute - $210

Himalayan Salt Stone Massage

A combination of 84 minerals and the perfect amount of heat, can help lower blood pressure, support the systems of the body, improve circulation, boost bone health, aid in reducing and preventing muscle cramps, and reduces anxiety and depression. The salt creates an exfoliant effect, allowing the skin to restore its healthy glow.  


60 Minute - $115

90 Minute - $163

120 Minute - $210


Deep Tissue/Recovery Massage

Slow, methodical strokes combined with firm pressure brings circulation to the deepest layers of muscle. Great for addressing poor range of motion for old or chronic injuries.

60 Minute - $115

90 Minute - $163

Targeted Therapeutic Massage

Free yourself from your daily snap, crackle, and pop. This targeted massage is designed to help clients who have difficulty using their limb’s full range of motion due to stiffness or are struggling to recover from an injury. Can be preformed on any part of the body.

60 Minute - $105

90 Minute - $145

120 Minute - $190

Sports Massage

This healing massage helps target those sore, aching muscles after your training sessions by utilizing Aveda's Cooling Oil, formulated with organic Peppermint, Blue Chamomile, and naturally-derived menthol. This service is ideal for those dedicated to their sport, both adult and teen, and are looking to enhance their performance or aid in recovery from an injury.

60 Minute - $115

90 Minute - $163

Cupping or Deep Cupping

Through a deep or softer suction; cupping helps remove toxins from the body, aids in promoting better, healthier skin, and removes tension better than a general massage. It also helps support the systems of the body by creating a full body detox.

60 Minutes - $130

90 Minutes - $180

Geriatric Massage

A gentle, rhythmic, light pressure massage designed to relieve aches and pains while considering the physiological changes that come with maturing. Ideal for those who have difficulty laying flat.

30 Minute - $60

60 Minute - $99

90 Minute - $130


Hand or Foot Reflexology - $30

Hand and Foot Reflexology - $50

Hot Stones or Himalayan Salt Stones - $30

Crystal Energy Work - $40

This experience is one of a kind; as the relaxation rolls in through energy work, crystals are placed in areas of the body that most attention and on the seven main chakras.

Reiki/Energy Work - $40

This is ideal for those that are in need of new inspiration, motivation, and direction. As we open our mind to the idea that healing our energy can heal our life; we will become more open to opportunities. By addressing the whole body and its surrounding energetic field with refreshing, euphoric expansion; it creates a full body reset.

Chakra Energy Balance - $40

An assessment of each energy center and a quick balance to enhance mindfulness.

Amethyst Biomat - $25

Combining far infrared technology with the power of healing crystals, the Amethyst Biomat gently warms the body to increase circulation, relieve pain, and speed the healing of soft tissue. Our Amethyst Biomat is placed beneath the sheets on the massage table for added benefits to your massage.

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