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Here at Bel Solé, we know it's not only what's on the outside that counts; which is why we're here to not only help you look better naked, but feel better naked too. Whether you suffer from aches and pains, inflammation, skin concerns, depression and anxiety, or an imbalance in your emotional or mental health; we can guarantee we have service or product for you.

Our Versaspa sunless tanning booth is located in a private room and is100% automated. Our tanning solution is formulated with naturally derived ingredients, such as Sugar Cane, Beets, and Raspberries to help combat any orange coloring and is infused with Brown and Green Marine Algae to help firm, tone, detoxify, and hydrate skin. Hop in our VersaSpa Sunless Tanning Booth and be on your way to Lake Tahoe!

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