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Crystal Energy Work

This experience is one of a kind; As the relaxation rolls in through energy work, the healer places crystals in the areas the body needs the most attention and the seven main chakras. By sending healing to the whole body, the client and the therapist are able to release and work through stress, emotional induced pain, nervous system dysfunctions, seizures, phantom pains and any energetic, mental or emotional in-balance(s).

Add-On to Massage - $40

50 Minute Session - $99

Reiki/Energy Work

This is ideal for those that are in need of new inspiration, motivation and direction. As we open our mind to the idea that healing our energy can heal our life; we will always open to more opportunities. By healing our energy, we can prevent and reduce anxiety, depression, MDD, PTSD and many more ailments. Through this there will be benefits to improving your overall health. By addressing the whole body and its surrounding energetic field with refreshing, euphoric expansion; it creates a full body reset.  

Add-On to Massage - $40

50 Minute Session - $99

Chakra Balancing

The chakras are ancient energetic centers or wheels that embody the necessary focus points in gaining balance overall. These energy centers are the main sources of energy and by getting to know them we can gain more mindfulness and opportunity in this human experience. This service can help you gain or further the healing, clearing and strengthening of the seven main chakras. Includes education on how to care for them at home. 

Add-On to Massage - $40

50 Minute Session - $99

Far Infrared Sauna Blanket

Far infrared is a wave length of non-visible light that is known to detoxify the body and increase blood flow. Since it is a light wave, it can penetrate deep into the body, which can reduce inflammation, improve the condition of the skin, and reduce pain. This can lead to better mental relaxation and improved sleep. Another added bonus is that it burns calories and can help reduce the appearance of cellulite over time. Snuggle into our sauna blanket and take a journey into better health.

Add-On to Energy Work(not applicable for Massage) - $25

30 Minute Session - $35

60 Minute Session - $60


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